'Mellow Out' They Say. If I Only Could.

Intensities and Sensitivities of the Young and Bright

by Michael M. Piechowski, Ph.D. 

Foreword by Nicholas Colangelo, Ph.D.  

Royal Fireworks Press, 2014

Responses to “Mellow Out,” They Say. If I Only Could.

Thank you for writing this superb book.  It was both a comfort and joy for my soul.  Thank you also for your love of gifted people.  It permeates every page of the book.                                                

Sylvia Ho

I believe people are going to have remarkable emotional experiences reading your book. Every once in a while you hint at other realities, which is tantalizing. You don’t make a big thing of this, but scattered throughout are statements and musings that speak of this to “one who has the eye to see.” This occurs especially in sensual aliveness (experiencing pleasure “with some sort of sixth sense”) and imaginal experience sections raising the question that imaginary friends might not be wholly imaginary, Daskalos’ healing methods, etc. These pave the way, like small introductory musical variations of a major theme, for the powerful Part Five, which makes the book so much more than just a delightful exposition of overexcitabilities.
The implicit question of what to do with all this intensity and sensitivity is answered in Part Five through giving many examples of advanced sensibilities and perceptions  and then, with all practicality, providing a sampler of helpful exercises for growth. The exercises come alive because you have studded them with real individuals’ real experiences that are compelling and too singular not to be true.
This is a masterful book, apparently charming and innocent, but packing a huge punch of higher reality.
Betty Maxwell

I could not wait to begin your book and in fact, savored the first course on the plane home. Although I promised myself I would read it to punctuate/celebrate the end of the school year (next week)—I could not wait. I am especially pleased that you wrote it for the young adults & parents who live this reality. I am ordering a few copies for my parent library at school. I hope to have it as “required” reading for my staff as well. There is one high school student … who will benefit it immensely from the knowledge in this book. Just knowing there are others like him and someone other than me confirms this will be such a gift.
Thank you for all you do—and for getting it down on paper—for others.

Sandra Kay

I just received your book on Tuesday and am already half way through it.  Reading it brings back fond memories of you.  It is truly truly amazing and I can't wait to finish it. Everything in it is so interesting and answers a lot of questions I have about various frustrations I have with my personality sometimes. It really came at just the right time.
Lydia Bremmer, age 17

I just finished your book and I want to personally thank you for all your insights, your stories, and the work you have done with young people.  As I read your words, I could hear your gentle, quiet voice and it made me smile deeply.
Thank you for your commitment to gifted kids, and to their emotional nature and spiritualness.                                                               
Penny Choice

About your book . . . I absolutely love it, including the title!  I opened the package and couldn't put it down.  I taught a staff development class for 23 teachers last week.  I promoted your book and passed it around for everyone to see.
Arlene DeVries

I started your book on the plane and am somewhere in the imagination section.  Somehow you present your ideas in a way that shuts off my "well that's one way of looking at it" response. It's a smart book that speaks to people in a way that draws them in and tells them things they've never heard before.                                                           
Barry Grant

I can’t wait to delve into it, although I perused it as soon as it arrived. I can open any page and find something truly engaging—something that relates to my students, my family, my friends, myself.
Thank you for persisting to publication. It’s a real gift to all of us.

Deb Douglas

I just reread the first 3 chapters of your book and I love it so much.  I love the sharing of your life experience in flushing out the meaning of whatever concept you are proposing. It shows your depth so beautifully.  And then I glanced at the other chapters, some of the many highlighted sections and again, I absolutely cherish this profound collection of emotional experience.  It is such a huge gift to our field. 

Patty Gatto-Walden

I can scarcely put it down. What a wonderful job you have done of synthesizing themes, representing the deepest concerns of gifted young people and communicating issues with such insight and grace. Your writing is elegant and your observations are illuminating.
You really do capture how difficult it is to be sensitive and aware in a world that too often expects indifference or quick adjustment to circumstances that are patently unfair, cruel, and painful. And the intensities don’t become less when one ages.
The index is admirable—having compiled many an index I know what an onerous task that is and how all consuming to track key words, pages, and meaning.
D. G. F. Fraser
New Zealand

Dr. J, tells me he lent the book to a teenager who, hmm now how did he put it?—read it intensely. This is the reason for the condition it is in.  :) I haven't finished your book yet.  I'm on chapter 14. Within the first 10 pages I had sent the following to Dr. J.:
"The man is saying things I've been thinking and trying to express for years.  So much of what I've been trying to articulate and explain.  He backs me up.  I'm only on page 10.  Already he's talked about the how spirituality and nature are part of who we are.  He's referred to the emotional poverty in the United States and the deficiencies of our society.  He explains what I believe listening is all about.  He speaks to others being a mirror for us and the importance of TLC.  All things I believe and am passionate about.  And this is only up to page 10."
So I am impressed and I've found more gems as I've gone along.  The reading is easy.
Carolyn Frances


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